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Modern American Coal Mining: Methods & Application Bundle

Modern American Coal Mining: Methods & Application Bundle

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It's been 30 years since the classic Mining Technology: Theory and Practice was published, and much has changed in the coal mining industry during that time. The energy provided by coal mining is still essential to human welfare, but the mine operating environment is dramatically different. Surface mine production has doubled and scientific knowledge about mining has advanced, while new information technologies have attracted public attention to mining disturbances, and global competition requires more efficient operations.

There are almost 400 billion short tons of coal reserves in the United States, but reclaiming this supply has become more challenging because of deeper deposits, the impacts of environmental regulations, and the ventilation demands from increased mechanization in the coal mines. Modern American Coal Mining: Methods and Application covers a full range of coal mining and coal industry topics, with chapters written by leading coal mining industry professionals and academicians.

Highlights from the book include coal resources and distribution, mine design, advances in strata control and power systems, improvements in surface mining, ventilation to reduce fires and explosions, drilling and blasting, staffing requirement ratios, management and preplanning, and coal preparation and reclamation.

The text is enhanced with11 case studies that are representative of underground and surface mines in the United States. Narrative descriptions and appropriate mine plans are presented, with attention given to unique features and situations that are addressed through mine design and construction.

A useful glossary is included, as are many examples, figures, equations, and tables, to make the text even more useful. The viability of mining enterprises has become more dependent on effective environmental protection and restoration. Changing from a long-practiced but undesirable procedure to a newer and safer one can cause temporary disruptions and reduced production.

The information available in this book will show you how mining stewardship and productivity can be consistent, and that health and safety factors can be considered -side by side with technological and economic considerations.


  • Coal Industry Statistics
  • Depositional Characteristics of Coal Beds
  • Ground Control
  • Coal Mine Ventilation
  • Mine Electrical Power
  • Mine Haulage
  • Coal Preparation
  • Underground Mine Development and Room-and-Pillar Mining
  • Longwall Mining
  • Surface Mining
  • Reclamation of Surface-Mined Lands
  • Case Studies
ISBN #: 978-0-87335-352-6
Pub. Date: 10/01/2013
Author: Edited by Christopher J. Bise
Format: Hardcover / eBook
# Pages: 576
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  • Modern American Coal Mining: Methods & Applications
  • Modern American Coal Mining: Methods & Application eBook
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Modern American Coal Mining: Methods & Applications Bundle
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