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International Coal Prep 2010 Conference Proceedings

International Coal Prep 2010 Conference Proceedings

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The challenges facing the coal preparation industry have never been more complex or daunting: China, India, and South Africa are experiencing unprecedented growth in the use of coal, India is expected to be the world's largest importer of coal through 2030. New environmental regulations in the United States and elsewhere are forcing operators to be even more innovative and resourceful. How will the burgeoning demand affect global pricing? How can coal preparation companies employ more effective cleaning processes and technologies to reduce the environmental footprint of their mining facilities and waste storage areas?

You'll find answers to these and hundreds of other critical questions in International Coal Preparation Congress: 2010 Conference Proceedings.

This book is a compilation of 118 state-of-the-art technical papers presented at the industry's most prestigious gathering. A CD containing the full text is included. Read what coal preparation experts from 20 countries have to share on a variety of current issues, including:

  • Water-based coal processing facilities and a review of plant designs and operations used throughout the world.
  • Breakthroughs in dense medium separations, water-based separation processes, froth flotation, and de-watering.
  • New wear-resistant materials proven to help plant operators reduce maintenance costs, elevate plant availability, and maintain a high level of process efficiency.
  • Groundbreaking methodologies that maximize the amount of coal recovered while meeting the required product specifications.
  • The processing and potential uses of waste.
  • Innovative online monitoring and control methods and the latest on the application of modeling and simulation.
  • Advancements in technologies that can upgrade coal without the use of water, including density-based, thermal, and optical dry cleaning.
  • And much more.
  • Published every four years in concert with this authoritative gathering, International Coal Preparation Congress: 2010 Conference Proceedings is an indispensable resource for the global community of industry professionals, public policy makers, environmental advocates, as well as mining academics and students.

    ISBN #: 978-0-87335-330-4
    Pub. Date: 04/20/2010
    Author: Edited by Rick Q. Honaker
    Format: Hardcover / eBook
    # Pages: 992 pages plus CD
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    International Coal Prep 2010 Conference Proceedings
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