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Hoist & Haul 2015 Proceedings

Hoist & Haul 2015 Proceedings

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Hoist & Haul 2015: Your source for the latest technologies, statutory requirements, and best practices in the industry. Mining continues to be driven by economies of scale. As ore bodies are explored at greater depths and larger payloads need to be transported at higher speeds, larger and more powerful equipment is necessary. Hoist & Haul 2015 covers a range of topics including hoisting, conveying, and rail and truck haulage.

Industry experts from ten countries discuss complete transport systems, subsystems and components, design, installation, maintenance, and economic issues. Important developments in mine hoisting safety requirements are covered with the objective of reaching a common understanding and approach when defining new safety requirements.

ISBN #: 978-0-87335-418-9
Pub. Date: 06/20/2015
Author: Edited by Borje Johansson
Format: Hardcover with CD / eBook
# Pages: 704
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Hoist & Haul 2015 Proceedings
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