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The word audit brings discomfort to many mine managers and owners. Images of government officials poring over every decimal point, looking for “gotchas” with serious consequences, naturally rise to the surface. But this book shows you how to turn the audit into something positive, desirable, and profitable.

When you hire the right audit team and put its recommendations into practice, you can lower costs, increase revenues, and boost profits. In some cases, you can add millions of dollars directly into the bottom line. Plant Auditing: A Powerful Tool for Improving Metallurgical Plant Performance is the first book ever written to show you how to get maximum benefit out of an audit.

This comprehensive guide is easy to follow with numerous charts and checklists. It walks you through the complexities of setting up the right kind of audit, the type that will provide you with actionable steps to profitable outcomes. Also included are 20 case studies illustrating real-life problems typically encountered at plants that can be resolved through the audit procedures described in this book. Among many other things, you’ll learn how to:

  • Establish the scope of both general audits and those designed to enhance performance of specific processes
  • Follow a template for successful audition
  • Set priorities based on multiple factors
  • Understand—and overcome—resistance points based in cultural or personality differences
  • Make sure everything important is addressed during an audit
  • Turn the audit findings into action steps that cut cost and add revenue
About the Author

With more than 30 years of experience in metallurgical and mining auditing, Gaudin Award recipient Deepak Malhotra is eminently qualified to write this first book on plant auditing. Since leaving AMAX in 1990, he has been president of Resource Development, Inc., a mining and metallurgy consulting and testing firm. He has served in several SME leadership positions, including chairing several international symposia.

ISBN #: 978-0-87335-412-7
Pub. Date: 06/20/2015
Author: Deepak Malhotra
Format: Softcover
# Pages: 148
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  • List Price: $39.00
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Plant Auditing
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