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Sampling & Monitoring for the Mine Life Cycle

Sampling & Monitoring for the Mine Life Cycle



Sampling and Monitoring for the Mine Life Cycle provides an overview of sampling for environmental purposes and monitoring of environmentally relevant variables at mining sites. It focuses on environmental sampling and monitoring of surface water, and also considers groundwater, process water streams, rock, soil, and other media including air and biological organisms.

The handbook includes an appendix of technical summaries written by subject matter experts that describe field measurements, collection methods, and analytical techniques and procedures relevant to environmental sampling and monitoring. The sixth of a series of handbooks on technologies for management of metal mine and metallurgical process drainage, this handbook supplements and enhances current literature and provides an awareness of the critical components and complexities involved in environmental sampling and monitoring at the mine site.

It differs from most information sources by providing an approach to address all types of mining influenced water and other sampling media throughout the mine life cycle. Sampling and Monitoring for the Mine Life Cycle is organized into a main text and six appendices that are an integral part of the handbook. Sidebars and illustrations are included to provide additional detail about important concepts, to present examples and brief case studies, and to suggest resources for further information. Extensive references are included.


  • Introduction
  • Sampling and Monitoring During the Mining Phases
  • Sampling Considerations in the Mining Environment
  • Decision Making, Risk, and Uncertainty
  • The Planning Process
  • Sampling and Monitoring Program Implementation
  • Data Management, Assessment, and Analysis for Decision Making
  • Additional Key Issues and Future Research Needs
  • Selected Online Resources
  • Summary of Selected ASTM Methods
  • Summary of Field Sampling and Analytical Methods
  • Examples of Sampling Plans and Quality Assurance Project Plans
  • Case Studies of Sampling and Monitoring
  • Applications and Examples of Geo-Environmental Models
ISBN #: 978-1-87335-355-7
Pub. Date: 05/20/2014
Editor: Virginia T. McLemore, Kathleen S. Smith, Carol C. Russell
Format: Softcover plus CD
# Pages: 208
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Sampling & Monitoring for the Mine Life Cycle
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