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UCA: Underground Challenges & Innovative Solutions
February 21, 2019
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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Presented by Jeffrey M. Hammer, Project Engineer / Tunnel Engineer, Traylor Brothers, Inc. Receiving the approval to design, plan and/or construct an underground  structure  requires  tunnel engineers  to work through numerous challenges and consider many options in order to reach successful completion of a project. Engineers specializing in this field must understand,  and even count on, the fact that the ground  conditions they encounter may be very different  than initially planned.  In some cases, this difference is a footnote on the project; in other cases, this difference sets the tone for the rest of the project—for better or for worse. The solutions to overcoming these issues require  a multidisciplinary approach  and the commitment to working  together  as a team to address  challenges.  This presentation will focus on the author’s personal experience on  some  of  the  nation’s   largest, most  challenging and highest-profile underground,  design-build  projects  and the lessons learned along the way.


This webinar is hosted by the UCA Young Members.


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