Robert E. Murray Innovation Scholarship
The Robert E. Murray Scholarship has been established in 2017 to encourage undergraduates, graduates and researchers in the academic pursuits in implementing innovation that can change the mining industry through the inclusion or adaptation of cutting-edge technologies and innovative processes.
Scholarship Description
The recipient will demonstrate an aptitude towards innovation or participated in an internship of an undergraduate project benefiting the mining industry. To submit an anonymous recommendation letter for a student, please email it to with the student's first and last name and the scholarship name as the file name.
Robert E. Murray Innovation Scholarship applicants must meet the following criteria:
1. Have completed at least two years of undergraduate studies with a minimum cumulative GPA pf 3.0/4.0 grading system.
Here is the link for grade conversion .

2. Be an SME member in good standing.
3. Attend a school that is ABET-accredited and/or has an SME student chapter.
4. Demonstrate a desire to pursue a career researching new technologies in academia or implementing new technologies in the mining industry.
Applications open September 1st and will close October 15th.
Additional Information
Nomination for this award is currently closed.


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