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Robert H. Richards Award
The Robert H. Richards Award, established in 1948, and funded by AIME, recognizes achievement in any form which unmistakably furthers the art of mineral beneficiation in any of its branches.
Award Description
Robert H. Richards, inventor, author and teacher, was one of America's pre-eminent ore dressing engineers, and he can rightly be called the father of ore dressing in the United States. In 1874, Richards began studies of hydraulic classification that led to his discovery of and extensive research on the phenomenon of hindered settling. Based on these fundamental studies, he developed a series of sizing and concentrating classifiers, the Richards pulsator jig, and the concept of sizing before gravity concentration. In addition to this important research, Richards' encyclopedic, four-volume treatise, Ore Drressing, published in 1909, was the first comprehensive work to codify and publicize all that was know about ore dressing American at that time.

In 1868, Richards was in the first graduating class at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Upon graduation, Richards stayed at MIT as an instructor, advancing to the rank of professor in 1884, and served as the head of the department of Mining and Metallurgy until his retirement in 1914. He joined AIME in 1873 and became its president in 1886. AIME honored Richards' memory in 1948 establishing the Robert H. Richards Award as the premier award in the field of ore processing.
Robert H. Richards Award Conditions for Nomination
1. There are no limitations regarding nationality, membership in the Society, or otherwise. All other factors being equal, it is suggested that preference be given to members of the Society.
2. A candidate must be a living or passed away prior to May 1st of the nomination year.
3. No AIME Major Award winner is eligible to be nominated for another AIME Major Award until 9 years shall have elapsed, and the nomination support package shall conspicuously reference work in a new field or significant new accomplishments in the field for which the original award was made. (The AIME Major Awards are the Charles F. Rand Memorial Gold Medal, Robert Earll McConnell? Award, James Douglas Gold Medal, Hal Williams Hardinge Award, Erskine Ramsay Medal, Robert H. Richards Award, William Lawrence Saunders Gold Medal, Benjamin F. Fairless Award and Anthony F. Lucas Gold Medal.)

AIME Board members are exempt from receiving AIME awards.
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