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Operational Excellence Award
The Health & Safety Operational Excellence Award is presented to a mining company engaged in exploration, mining and/or metallurgy with exemplary occupational health and safety management performance and practices.
Award Description
The Health & Safety Operational Excellence Award was established in 2012. The Award recognizes operations that demonstrate improved health or safety performance as a result of (1) designing, launching, and tracking initiatives over at least the past five years or (2) maintaining programs for more than five years that require a considerable commitment of resources.
Health & Safety Committee Operational Excellence Award Conditions for Nomination
1. Organizations must have a minimum of 10,000 work hours (calendar year, third party verifiable).
2. Zero fatalities and lost time and restricted duty injuries (calendar year as defined by MSHA).
3. Total reportable incident frequency rate (TRIFR) = 1.0 (calendar year as defined by MSHA).
4. Documentation summarizing the organization’s approach to safety and health management that resulted in the performance for which it is being nominated. This should include, but is not limited to: a. Safety and health management systems; b. Engineering standards and practices; c. Risk management practices; d. Training and education; e. Emergency response; f. MSHA & OSHA compliance practices; g. Behavior optimization; h. Safety culture (culture enhancement, leadership, etc).
Additional Information
Nomination for this award is currently closed.


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