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Individual Excellence Award
The Health & Safety Individual Excellence Award is presented in recognition of outstanding dedication, leadership or heroism in exploration, mining and/or metallurgy occupational safety and health management.
Award Description
The Health & Safety Individual Excellence Award (HSIX Award) was established in 2012.
Health & Safety Committee Individual Excellence Award Conditions for Nomination
1. All nominees must be SME members in good standing.
2. Primary consideration will be given to non-safety and health professionals; however, an award may be given to a safety and health professional when considering career achievement.
3. Greatest emphasis will be given to those individuals whose work resulted in wholesale performance improvement within their company, or the industry, by virtue of their leadership, dedication and/or an act of heroism.
4. Must be actively employed in a mining, metallurgy or exploration for the award year in question or be retired from the same.
Additional Information
Nomination for this award is currently closed.


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