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The Percy Nicholls Award
The Percy W. Nicholls Award, established in 1942, is jointly funded by AIME and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers in alternating years and is given for notable scientific or industrial achievement in the field of solid fuels.
Award Description
At a joint Fuels Meeting of the ASME Fuels Division and the AIME Coal Division in St. Louis, MO in 1942, the fall after Percy Nicholls died, the first Percy Nicholls Award was presented .This award was established by the two divisions to commemorate the outstanding contributions that Nicholls had made in the science and technology of fuels utilization. It is presented jointly by the Fuels and Combustion Technologies Division of ASME and the Coal & Energy Division of SME.
The Percy Nicholls Award Conditions for Nomination
The award can be given only to a member of ASME or the SME, who has made proven contributions in the field of solid fuels, with the award alternating between societies each year as much as practicable. Although the award is available annually, it does not have to be given if there is no properly qualified recipient nominated or selected.
Additional Information
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