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Howard N. Eavenson Award
The Howard N. Eavenson Award, first presented in 1969 and funded by AIME, is given for distinguished contributions to the advancement of coal mining.
Award Description
Howard N. Eavenson (1874-1953) obtained a bachelors degree from Swarthmore College and a civil engineering degree a few years later. At 26, he became chief engineer for United States Coal & Coke, a subsidiary of US Steel. For the next 18 years, he opened up several coal deposits and built 15 large coal plants in West Virginia and Kentucky. In 1920, Eavenson established his own consulting firm in Pittsburgh, PA and, by the time he became president of AIME in 1934, he was a director of Pittsburgh Coal Co. and chairman of the board of Appalachian Coals - a joint selling agency through which 137 producers of bituminous coal marketed more than 45 Mt/pa (50 million stpy).
Howard N. Eavenson Award Conditions for Nomination
Candidates for the Eavenson Award should have, within the two years prior to selection, contributed substantially to the advancement of the coal industry, whether by research, invention, publication or advances in mining or development methods (labor relations not included.)
All candidates must be living at the time of selection in order to receive the Eavenson Award.
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