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Charles F. Rand Memorial Gold Medal
Award Description
The Charles F. Rand Memorial Gold Medal Award (Rand Award) recognizes distinguished achievement in mining administration, regarding mining in its broad sense to include metallurgy and petroleum.

Charles F. Rand Memorial Gold Medal Conditions for Nomination
1. There are no eligibility limitations regarding nationality or membership in the society, though preference is given to society members.
2. Candidate must be living or passed away prior to May 1st of the nomination year.
3. No AIME Major Award winner is eligible to be nominated for another AIME Major Award until 9 years shall have elapsed, and the nomination support package shall conspicuously reference work in a new field or significant new accomplishments in the field for which the original award was made. (The AIME Major Awards are the Charles F. Rand Memorial Gold Medal, Robert Earll McConnell? Award, James Douglas Gold Medal, Hal Williams Hardinge Award, Erskine Ramsay Medal, Robert H. Richards Award, William Lawrence Saunders Gold Medal, Benjamin F. Fairless Award and Anthony F. Lucas Gold Medal.)
Additional Information
Nomination for this award is currently closed.


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