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Robert E Murray Innovation Award
The Robert E. Murray Innovation Award was established in 2017 to recognize individuals or organizations who advance the mining industry through the implementation of technical innovation. Its primary focus is to award operations or organizations that are changing the mining industry through the inclusion or adaptation of cutting edge technologies and innovative processes. It will recognize an organization or individual that has implemented a new technology, or approach that has seen their idea come to fruition within the past five years.
Award Description
1) The award recipient may be asked to speak or give a lecture during the Keynote Session and will receive their award at the SME Annual Conference & Expo Banquet. 2) The Robert E. Murray Award shall be a gold medal bearing the likeness of Robert E. Murray, an engraved crystal with the winner’s name and date, and a framed certificate with the year of the award, and a citation of the service or achievement on which the award is based. 3) The award winner will also receive a travel reimbursement and conference registration to attend the SME Annual Conference & Expo including the annual awards banquet.
Robert E. Murray Innovation Award Nomination Eligibility Criteria:
1. The demonstrated application of innovative technologies, especially Preferred Innovative Technologies, resulting in favorably measured commercial results.
2. Innovative technologies are defined as new equipment, processes or systems that result in significant technological improvement to the exploration, economic viability, and extraction of minerals.
3. Preferred Innovative Technologies are defined as technologies that are currently cutting edge in other fields or novel mineral research initiatives.
4. The award will consider Innovation across the full mining cycle from exploration to closure and include ancillary roles such as engineering, construction, supply side and logistics.
5. The pace of advancing the industry through innovation is unpredictable and therefore the committee is not obligated to award a recipient every year.
6. Examples might include seafloor mining, space mining, autonomous vehicles, novel drone implementation, mineral processing advances, mineral economics innovations, etc. They would currently include robotics, autonomous operation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc.
Additional Information
Nomination for this award is currently closed.


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