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Robert M. Dreyer Award
The Robert M. Dreyer Award in Applied Economic Geology (Dreyer Award) is awarded for outstanding achievment in the area of applied economic geology.
Award Description
The Robert M. Dreyer Award in Applied Economic Geology (Dreyer Award) was established in 2000 from a generous bequest from Dr. Dreyer’s estate. The Dreyer Award recognizes outstanding achievements in applied economic geology. The outstanding achievements so recognized must have been accomplished through commercial exploration or development of metalliferous and/or nonmetalliferous mineral deposits.
Robert M. Dreyer Award Nomination Criteria
The nominee must have contributed significantly to applied economic geology through discovery of a major mineral deposit, substantial expansion of an identified deposit, outstanding delineation and estimation of resources and reserves, scientific studies that led to discoveries, or successful technical management of these activities.
The nominee must have spent most of his/her career in applied economic geology and no less than four of the past five years in commercial endeavors, exclusive of academia and government service.
The nominee shall be selected without regard to age, gender, race, religion, or nationality and need not be an SME member at the time of his/her nomination and selection. Award recipients who are not SME members at the time of their award will be given a complimentary one-year membership. The dues will be taken from the Dreyer Fund.
Additional Information
Nomination for this award is currently closed.


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