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Technical Innovation of the Year
Award Description
Nominations for this category of UCA of SME Awards are innovations that have been implemented in tunneling or underground space use projects one (1) year prior to the close of nominations. An application, process or technology that significantly advanced the capabilities of the underground construction industry to deliver safe, efficient, and sustainable underground solutions. Technical innovations come in many forms that move forward the current “state of the art” to improve: design, application, processes, etc. and permit improved, safer and more cost- effective projects. • Increased safety for projects or application of a process • New or unique use of solutions for an innovative project or process • Development of design process or construction method to achieve new functions • Reduces the use of materials or energy and increasing sustainability • Entries may also be supported by successful use in the laboratory and / or field
UCA Technical Innovation of the Year applications must be submitted online.
Include a brief description of the Innovation Nominees and their contributions to the Innovation A statement as to why the Innovation is deserving of the award. This should include specific attributes as to why this innovation is outstanding.
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