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UCA of SME Young Member Award
Award Description
The UCA Young Member Award is presented to a Member who is age 35 or under (not 36 until January 1 in the year following the conference in which the Award is given) and has excelled, in one or more of, the following areas: technical accomplishment; development of innovative ideas, initiatives and approaches; challenging and improving industry practices, lead or contributed significantly to major technically complex operations through contributions to the tunneling and underground construction profession and/or UCA.
UCA of SME Young Member Award Criteria:
The focus of the Young Member Award will be on personal contribution made by the individual in delivery beyond expectations, personal commitment to improving the tunnel and underground construction industry, be a driver for technical and commercial success, be a proponent of tangible differences to the environment they operate in and provide leadership in safety.
The nominee shall have been a member of UCA in good standing for at least two years prior to being nominated.
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