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Mining Valuation Handbook: Mining Energy Valuation


Equity markets have experienced turbulent times in recent years, particularly in resource valuations and commodity prices. In this international bestseller, Victor Rudenno once again provides comprehensive, current information on mining and unravels some of the mystery surrounding the resources industry. Now in its fourth edition,

The Mining Valuation Handbook will assist those in the mining industry seeking financial information, as well as people in finance looking for characteristics of the resources industry in an economic light.

For the non-professional who is keen to invest in resource companies, this book will also help remove some of the mystique that often surrounds technical disciplines. Inside you will find:

  • Extensive commentary relevant to the mining industry
  • Valuation concept
  • Worked examples and feasibility studies
  • The role of resources and reserves
  • Commodity values and forecasting
  • Real option analysis
  • Extensive commodity profiles. The Mining Valuation Handbook is an essential addition to the libraries of astute investors and mining and financial analysts.
ISBN #: 978-0-730377078
Pub. Date: 07/20/2012
Author: Victor Rudenno
Format: Hardbound
# Pages: 624
  • List Price: $150.00 USD
  • Member Price: $130.00 USD

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Item Details:
Mining Valuation Handbook: Mining Energy Valuation, 4th ed
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