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September 27-28, 2018
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THRIVE 2018 Overview


Mining is thriving in North America. But for the industry to continue to THRIVE, we need to innovate. This one-day symposium offers presentations on cutting edge technologies that increase safety, improve design capabilities, and allow mining and processing under adverse conditions. What technologies are on the horizon to effect a step change in exploration, communications and productivity? Join us for dialogue and data.

At our inaugural THRIVE conference, we look to the future of technology in mining. As the mining industry embraces new technologies, more questions surface. Where can drones go? Can robots mine flooded properties? What new technologies take us under the sea? Can we safely mine below 2,000 feet without miners? Where will AI take us? Can we develop better, targeted biomining technologies?  Are there laser scanning technologies that allow pre-CAD facilities to be effectively upgraded in combination with 3D design capabilities? The answers might be surprising and arriving sooner than you think.

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